Your values and our history

Writing together, growing together

The joliefamily universe is the new gathering place for loved ones separated by time and distances. The joliefamily app and newsletter is a simple and playful way to bring generations and families together to share their lives. joliefamily addresses the challenges daily life and differing technological abilities pose to family togetherness by embracing both to create a new way of being together.

Our memories are precious because they are what defines family. It is not a shared roof, but shared history and values that creates family. The joliefamily app aims to not only collect and conserve these common memories, but to encourage those closest to us to come together and build more.

Whether you are sharing a home or scattered across the world, a close-knit family or a group of inseparable friends, joliefamily creates your home away from home. As if through magic, and despite miles of separation, find yourself laughing, chatting, and creating new memories as if you were all still under the same roof.

Receiving your newsletter feels like a gift every month! For a few pages, you watch the little one learn to paint, you smell candles and frosting, you taste the burnt birthday cake, you hear your uncle’s laughter, you feel sticky candy on your hands – as you read, you live each moment again.

The joliefamily team 

For Claire Paoletti and Vivien Meyet, a friendship and a shared story came first: that of two young designers/developers who wanted to make their talents into a family affair. Both employees of an American startup that closed its doors in May 2019, they decided to start a new adventure, together, and use their skills to chase their passion.

For Claire, memories are precious above all else. When she learned that her grandmother had been diagnosed with Alzeihmer's, she made it her goal to create a record of memories and loved ones. She created her first journal for her grandmother, who had been placed in EHPAD, to reassure and stay with her grandmother when she couldn’t be there.

Vivien is a young father who discovered a new meaning in family as he watched his parents become young grandparents. It was as he watched them trying to create a strong bond with grandchildren who were growing up too quickly that a family journal first seemed like the best way to ensure they wouldn’t miss a single moment of their grandchildren’s lives.

And they are not alone! Since the beginning of their adventure in September 2019, a community of 40 families have joined and participate in the further development of this app. At joliefamily, everything is a story worth sharing.

joliefamily is proud to be working with the Blue Factory ESCP Europe, who will support and mentor us for one year alongside other startups, including: MYTEAMILY, Noö, Gentil Geek , Zeste, Colabfactory, Mstaff and WalterLearning.